Flusser Festival

The Flusser 100+ Festival in Robion celebrates Vilém Flusser’s birthday with a week of philosophical dialog, presentations and workshops in Robion and the surrounding area of the Provence in southeastern France – the place Flusser called home, and where he wrote most of his famous publications from the mid 1970s on.

This is also an opportunity to draw attention to the growing interest in Flusser’s work in the French-speaking world, reinforced by the recent publications of several translations.

Flusser Festival 2022

Originally planned for Flusser’s 100th birthday in 2020, the festival will finally take place on site in Robion, also virtually, as since 2020.

Flusser Festival 2021

Flusser 100+ Festival is an annual Flusserian encounter on the birthday of thinker of technology and communication Vilém Flusser.

Virtual Flusser 100+ Festival

Flusser Festival 2020

The Flusser 100 Festival is a commemoration of the life and work of Vilém Flusser on his 100th birthday.

Virtual Flusser 100 Festival

Ideas, suggestions and proposals for contributions are welcome at any time directly to flusserfestival[at]flusser.club