Flusser Summer School

The Flusser Summer School was initiated as part of the celebrations of Vilém Flusser’s 100th birthday on 12 May 2020. In 2022, it finally took place in Robion, France, and is planned again for 2023. The sessions are taught at Flusser’s former residence, in the spaces of the municipality and in a small ancient amphitheater, where lectures, discussions, film viewings and presentations are held in his honor.

Flusser Festival

Launched to mark Vilém Flusser’s centenary in 2020, the Flusser Festival offers workshops, lectures, debates, installations, film screenings and readings in Robion and the surrounding Provence region of south-eastern France – Flusser’s last adopted home, where he wrote most of his famous publications from the mid-1970s onwards.

Flusser Video Collection

The Flusser Video Collection makes out-of-stock or unpublished Vilém Flusser archive video material available online. It is compiled to make it easier to study and relate to Flusser’s work in all its complexity. Tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, and improvisation can be experienced in full force.

Direct link to the Flusser Video Collection at the FlusserWiki


FlusserWiki is an evolving multi-lingual glossary of Flusserian concepts, ideas and terms. It exists to provide a place for Flusserians to elucidate and discuss Vilém Flusser’s particular language choices in his writing and recordings, particularly with regard to supporting translation.

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