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Flusser inspires you, his work drives you and you enjoy the connection to other Flusserians?

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The Flusser Club is dedicated to celebrating Vilém Flusser’s legacy, engaging with Flusser’s work and promoting the Flusserian network.

The annual fee of the Flusser Club e.V. is 30 €,
for students at a reduced rate 15 €.

Feel free to download the membership application form, fill it in and send it to members[at]

The Flusser Club is a non-profit association financed by donations and membership fees.
Donations to the association and membership fees can be deducted from the tax.

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Donate via Flusser Club e.V.
Konto-Nr: 1228 8873 00
BLZ: 430 609 67
IBAN: DE28 4306 0967 1228 8873 00

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Flusser Club gladly issues tax-deductible donation receipts.

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Looking to freely commit to celebrate Vilém Flusser’s legacy, engage with Flusser’s work and promote the Flusserian network?
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You are a student, researcher or artist and your topic fits perfectly with one of the Flusser Club projects?
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We welcome participation and proposals from Flusserians of all ages, disciplines and stages of their research, such as topics or contributions to the Flusser Festival’s annual program or entirely new projects and collaborations.
If you would like to contribute, please contact flusserfestival[at] or projects[at]