Vilém Flusser inspires and connects

The Flusser Club is dedicated to celebrating Flusser’s legacy, reprocessing Flusser’s work and strengthening the Flusser network – by sharing Flusser materials and shaping collaborative structures.

The Flusser Club e. V. follows the idea of the Netzwerk der Freunde Vilém Flussers (Angenommen / supposé, 1992) and is committed to preserving Flusser‘s work and to developing his thinking further interfaced with science, art and philosophy.
Together with all globally scattered Flusserians and in a polycentric network with the dedicated communities around the Vilém Flusser Archive and the Flusser Studies!

The Founding Members of the Flusser Club in May 2018:
Monaí de Paula Antunes, Guido Bröckling, Manfred Faßler, Baruch Gottlieb, Maren Hartmann, Anita Jóri, Katerina Krtilova, Sebastian Sierra-Barra and Steffi Winkler.

Flusser Club e. V. Statute

The Flusser Club pursues exclusively and directly non-profit-making purposes by promoting science and research, education, art and culture
– the care, preservation, dissemination and discussion of the work of Vilém Flusser as an object of scientific, artistic and cultural significance,
in particular the preparation and organisation of the centennial year 2020 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Vilém Flusser
– a continuous scientific and cultural exchange in connection with the work of Vilém Flusser, whose scientific and artistic legacy is preserved in the Vilém Flusser Archive at the Berlin University of the Arts
– interdisciplinary projects and research as well as the organisation of symposia and seminars in national and international cooperation in the interplay of scientific, artistic and philosophical thinking following Vilém Flusser


[Flusser Studies] Vilém Flusser on Colour

Flusser Studies 35 – June 2023 / Special Issue: Vilém Flusser on Colour with contributions by David Batchelor, Lizzie Calligas, Henry Lewis, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Jurgen Ostarhild, Jean-Baptiste Perrot, Vera Schwamborn, Rainer Guldin, Vilém Flusser, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Martha Schwendener, Karl Gerstner, Gottfried Jäger, Philippe Henry, Diogo Andrade Bornhausen, Rodrigo Maltez Novaes, Rodrigo Petronio, Marina Bortoluz Polidoro, Augusto Neftali Corte de Oliveira, Steven Humblet, Clare Strand



Flusser Club e.V.

Registered non-profit association

Flusser Club e. V. is registered at the district court Charlottenburg Berlin (VR 36879 B) and recognised as non-profit organisation by the tax authority Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin.

Flusser Club e. V. Statute

Authorised executive board

Steffi Winkler, Baruch Gottlieb

Responsible for the content (according to §55 par. 2 RStV)

Steffi Winkler
Flusser Club e. V.
Grünberger Str. 49
10245 Berlin

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