Vilém Flusser inspires and connects

The Flusser Club is dedicated to celebrating Flusser’s legacy, reprocessing Flusser’s work and strengthening the Flusser network – by sharing Flusser materials and shaping collaborative structures.

The Flusser Club e. V. follows the idea of the Netzwerk der Freunde Vilém Flussers (Angenommen / supposé, 1992) and is committed to preserving Flusser‘s work and to developing his thinking further interfaced with science, art and philosophy.
Together with all globally scattered Flusserphiles and in a polycentric network with the dedicated communities around the Vilém Flusser Archive and the Flusser Studies!

The Founding Members of the Flusser Club in May 2018:
Monaí de Paula Antunes, Guido Bröckling, Manfred Faßler, Baruch Gottlieb, Maren Hartmann, Anita Jóri, Katerina Krtilova, Sebastian Sierra-Barra and Steffi Winkler.

Flusser Club e. V. Statute


[Flusser Studies] Vilém Flusser on Colour

Flusser Studies 35 – June 2023 / Special Issue: Vilém Flusser on Colour with contributions by David Batchelor, Lizzie Calligas, Henry Lewis, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Jurgen Ostarhild, Jean-Baptiste Perrot, Vera Schwamborn, Rainer Guldin, Vilém Flusser, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Martha Schwendener, Karl Gerstner, Gottfried Jäger, Philippe Henry, Diogo Andrade Bornhausen, Rodrigo Maltez Novaes, Rodrigo Petronio, Marina Bortoluz Polidoro, Augusto Neftali Corte de Oliveira, Steven Humblet, Clare Strand

[publication] Vilém Flusser, Communicology

An English version of Vilém Flusser’s Communicology: Mutations in Human Relations? edited by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes with a foreword by N. Katherine Hayles, published by Stanford University Press in December 2022. www.sup.stanford.edu/books/communicology



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Steffi Winkler, Baruch Gottlieb

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Steffi Winkler
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