Flusser 100 Winterschool

5-biweekly online sessions on Flusser’s technophilosophy from October 23rd- December 18th 2020


UPDATES October 2020!


Virtual Flusser 100 Festival_1024x512_td 

Flusser 100 Celebration ONLINE
12th May, 2020


Flusser 100 Festival Robion_en_

POSTPONED!  Flusser 100 Festival
  Robion, Luberon, France



The Flusser Club e.V. organizes the international Flusser anniversary year 2020 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the communication philosopher Vilém Flusser.
With actions at the interface between science, art and media competence, we want to keep Flusser’s work alive and in the here and now.

We are a globally scattered polycentric network of researchers, thinkers and artists around the Vilém Flusser Archive and the Flusser Studies.

Founded in May 2018, the Flusser Club e. V. is committed to preserving and further developing Flusser’s work.

Become a member and join in via members[at]flusser.club

Questions, suggestions and contributions very welcome to info[at]flusser.club