Flusser 100 Festival Robion Postponed!

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Flusser 100 Festival Robion has been postponed until September 2020. … but an online event is being planned, click here for more info

To receive updates about the festival please contact us via email to flusser100[at]flusser.club.


Flusser 100 Festival Robion, May 2020 



Come celebrate the work and life of Vilém Flusser on the occasion of his 100th birthday with a centennial week of philosophical discussions, exhibitions and performances in Robion and the surrounding area of the Provence in southeastern France, Flusser‘s selected place of residence from the mid 1970s.

CURRENT CALL: Flusser 100 DAAD Summer School May 4-13 2020 // Application until March 5 2020

At the interface between science, art and media literacy, we want to reprocess Flusser’s work for the here and now.
We encourage all Flusserians and thinkers of communication, language and technology to join us to discuss, explore and enjoy Flusser’s work and legacy.

The Flusser 100 Festival Robion is a collaboration of the Association Cavaillon Luberon Provence (ACLP), West Den Haag and the Flusser Club e.V., supported by the Vilém Flusser Archive and the dedicated community around the Flusser Studies.

Flusser’s work has recently experienced an upsurge in interest in France, due to several recent published translations. The Flusser 100 festival could be an opportunity to help catalyse a new generation of philosophical and artistic interest in Flusser’s thinking especially in France and encourage more exchange between the media studies communities of France and Germany.

During the first 2 weeks, and maybe more, of May 2020 we will be convening in Robion, Luberon, France, where Vilém Flusser spent the most productive years of his life, to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Flusser moved to Provence in 1975 at the suggestion of his good friend Louis Bec, and would spend the next 16 years there, finally settling down and writing most of his most famous books. Flusser and Bec, now neighbours, would see each other for dinner once a week, their intense and extensive conversations contributing to Bec’s ISRP (Institut Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste) and the book Vampyrotheutis Infernalis.

Flusserians are coming from across the world, and you should be there, too!

Certain activities have already been planned and organizers and coordinators will be on site in Robion for much of the first half of May 2020, with the big celebration taking place on Viléms 100th birthday on May 12th.

In Robion and the surrounding areas there are rooms, Hotels and camping available for as many people who would like to be there.

We have arranged with local partners Association Cavaillon Luberon Provence (ACLP) to help anyone who needs accomodation find the right place for their budget. Additionally ACLP will be on site to help with arranging travel to Robion from Avignon (34km) Marseille (80km) or Cavaillon (10km). If you intend to join us  in Robion for the Flusser 100 Festival use this form to inform us whether you need any assistance for travel and accommodations, or whether you would like to present something special!

Already on the program:

Would you like to join us?

We welcome all manner of participation: performances, artistic, presentations, lectures or panels, or just being there! 

Please let us know what you have in mind via email to flusser100[at]flusser.club.

We will be happy to promote your contributions for the Flusser Centennial 2020 and especially the Flusser 100 Festival Robion at flusser.club/projects.

You can register your intention to participate on this form, which has space for you to provide information relating to accommodation if you would like Association Cavaillon Luberon Provence (ACLP) to help you reserve some.  

If you need any information please don’t hesitate to write us to info[at]flusser.club.

We look forward to celebrating Vilém Flusser’s 100th birthday with you in Robion!


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