Call for Contributions

We encourage all Flusserians and thinkers of communication, language and technology to join us to discuss, explore and enjoy Flusser’s work and legacy.

This open call seeks innovative and critical submissions from thinkers in all areas of study traversing the fields of communication, media, arts and related theoretical disciplines.

/ Please let us know *that* and *about what* you would like to contribute until *15 February*.
For the online program please send your *abstract* of max. 200 words and a short biography to flusser100[at] until *end February*.
Presentations should be connected to the work and life of Vilém Flusser.

// Come celebrate the work and life of Vilém Flusser on the occasion of his 100th birthday with a centennial week of philosophical discussions, exhibitions and performances in Robion and the surrounding area of the Provence in southeastern France, Flusser‘s selected place of residence from the mid 1970s.

/// The Flusser 100 Festival Robion is a collaboration of the Association Cavaillon Luberon Provence (ACLP), West Den Haag and the Flusser Club e.V., supported by the _Vilém_Flusser_Archive and the dedicated community around the Flusser Studies.

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