FlusserWiki is intended as a community resource of key concepts and references to be found in Vilém Flusser’s thought. The main purpose is to provide a resource for students and thinkers working with Flusser’s oeuvre and, especially to aid translators and to develop communities of people working with Flusser’s though around the world.

FlusserWiki started with a collection of concepts culled with permission from the publication “Flusseriana” edited by Siegfried Zielinski and Peter Weibel with Daniel Irrgang in collaboration with Monaí de Paula Antunes and Norval Baitello, Jr. and published by ZKM and Univocal Publishing Jason Wagner Drew S. Burk in 2016 as part of the exhibition BODENLOS: Vilém Flusser and the Arts, curated by Siegfried Zielinski and Baruch Gottlieb with Peter Weibel.

Although the text base and the initial glossary terms are from the Flusseriana, it is intended that every article in this wiki be edited, extended, honed, improved, and otherwise made more useful to the community, by the community. The whole Flusserian community is invited to make an account and join in editing existing articles and creating new ones. For support creating a user account please write to us at info [at] flusser (dot) club !

FlusserWiki was initiated by Baruch Gottlieb, a project finally seeing the light of day because of a lot of collaborators and help from supporters through the years. Critical support for the Wiki was received as part of DAAD funding for our Flusser 100 centennial events, including the Flusser 100 Winterschool, with additional support from West Den Haag and the Vilém Flusser Archive Berlin.

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