The “Flusser Hypertext” was a radical experiment in technical thinking, exploring the potential of the then nascent Internet and the content-linking technique of hypertext to do new forms of philosophy an more appropriate for the electronic age thean mere linear writing.  The project was initiated by in 1989 by Bernt Wingert at the Kernforschungsinstitut Karlsruhe (Kalsruhe Institute for atomic research – today KIT), based on a lecture from Flusser called “Schreiben zum Publizieren”, elaborated into a multi-dimensional, interactive form replete with longer and and shorter extemporizations, the capacity to add one’s own notes, or even “ask the professor a question” on Apple Hypercard. For a first person account of the genesis of this project from Bernt Wingert see here. In 2014, in preparation for the Exhibition “BODENLOS: Vilém Flusser and the Arts”, Baruch Gottlieb directed the restoration efforts, with technical lead Philipp Tögel who was able to restore corrupted files and make an emulation which could be experienced by visitors of the exhibition. In 2020, thanks to some DAAD funding for the Flusser Centennial, this visionary project could be made available in a new emulation to the public at large.