Flusser 100+ May 12th 2021


schedule is here!   

Flusser 100 plus festival

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Flusser 100+ is an annual Flusserian encounter consisting of all manner of dialogical and discoursive forms, presentation, workshops and unlikely information.


In 2021, due to the ongoing public health crisis, Flusser 100+ will be held primarily online. So far three topic clusters have been suggested for discussion sessions:

  • Telematic Society
    • daily life with social distancing
    • transformations in education / pedagogy
    • transformation in the economy, precaritization, fragmentation of work
  • Flusser & the Blockchain
    • digital memory
    • money as information
  • Governance as project
    • democracy in crisis
    • models of conflict production and management

other discussion topic clusters are welcome

  • Workshops have been planned on:
    • FlusserWiki
    • Flusser Video Collection
    • Hypertext and “die Schrift”, Flusser’s two computer-based publication projects

  • experimental sessions:
    • Harmony and complexity
    • Radio and archives

and several presentations relating to new publications on or by Flusser anyone interested in participating should register here.